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Was It Something I Said? The power of words.
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Was It Something I Said?


Did you ever ask yourself, “Was it something I said?” when you thought you were so clear? Have you ever felt your words were falling on deaf ears or realized, mid-conversation, that you lost people’s full attention? Welcome to the world of miscommunication and the power of words.   The Power of Words  A book […]

To Infinity and Beyond - Mortgage Loans For Every Need - Revival Lending

Buzz Lightyear’s trademark cry of “To infinity and beyond!” from Toy Story is an all time favorite movie quote. Ever wonder why? Think about it, “Why?”, a question we learn to ask at an early age but the older we

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Home Equity Secret Menu - Mortgage Loans For Every Need - Revival Lending

The Home Equity Secret Menu. Haven’t heard of it? Well, just like the famous secret menu of In-N-Out , the mortgage industry has a secret menu of its own. Here is everything you need to know about the Home Equity

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