Where do you want to start?
• Needing unique, outside the box financing.
• Self Employed or have a complex income situation.
• Need a Lender who has seasoned Mortgage Advisors. 
• Looking to build additional wealth in Real Estate. 
• Need cash out from current investment properties for down payments on additional properties. 
• Looking for a long-term Lending partner to establish an ongoing relationship


When you build wisely, you not only build a foundation that enables your family to benefit from your decisions, but it impacts generations to come. Being diversified in your investments creates insulation, a barrier between you, and severe market changes. Real Estate investing is one of the most proven, solid, long-term wealth-building investments we can make. In fact, more millionaires have come by way of Real Estate investing than anything else.

General market mortgage products offer enough variation for traditional mortgages; however, these products don’t provide the flexibility needed by high-net-worth individuals. Greater wealth requires sophisticated borrowing options. We serve a clientele with diverse financial needs that are often complex, unique and require experienced professionals proficient in customized lending solutions. We have the experience to find solutions for scenarios of varying complexity. 

We leverage different asset class offerings designed to meet distinct needs. We begin with an extensive review of your estate planning and financial portfolio history. 

We craft a customized and holistic strategy centered around three guiding principles: Preserve, Leverage, and Expand. We find lending solutions that preserve your liquid assets leverage your ability to borrow, and expand your real estate holdings.

We have built relationships with private client lending partners and trusted financial organizations specializing in curated experiences for private clients. Together we provide unique solutions available to manage your entire balance sheet now and in the future. Ultimately providing you with peace of mind that comes from knowing you are in the best hands! 

Imagine Exponential Growth

High-Net-Worth Mortgage

Custom Tailored Lending Solutions 

Private Client Lending

As a Builder, you inherently want to build a life that’s fulfilling and achieves your greatest dreams and desires. You’re ambitious and passionate about enhancing your real estate portfolio. You’ve begun investing—maybe you’re just getting started. What an incredible opportunity you have! Part of building the life you desire requires making educated financial decisions that build financial wealth. We’re here to help you build!

THE builder

Call Revival Lending to partner with you and get the process started. You’ll feel the satisfaction that comes from being in control again. Our Mortgage Advisors aren’t limited to loan programs, so you’re not limited either. We will partner with you and listen, yes, listen to understand the details of what you are looking to accomplish. From there, alongside you, we’ll develop a plan that provides the best loan program that accomplishes your goals.

Imagine the satisfaction of building the next phase of your journey to financial freedom. Can you imagine the fulfillment you’ll experience after we execute your next financial milestone? Yes! You’ll be able to step back after all your work, look at your overall wealth profile, and celebrate the positive impact it’s made in your life!

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It's all about YOU!

The builder

"When you build wisely, you not only build a foundation that enables your family to benefit from your decisions, it impacts generations to come."

Tyson Hilton

Owner, Revival Lending


From the first phone call to the last interaction I had nothing but pleasant experiences. I got quick responses to my emails and phone calls. They have great customer service, they are very personable. Our case was some what complicated. With Tyson's help we ended up with a great rate and everything went very smooth. I definitely recommend Revival Lending.

- Sandra Ponce



Working with Revival Lending Team was a blessing. After speaking with Tyson and Jaeden about our concerns we trusted them with our refi. Very professional, knowledgeable and great customer service. Our loan was closed 2 days ahead of schedule date. They exceeded our expectations of them. Thank you so much Revival Lending for your help. My husband Hector and me highly recommend them to anyone seeking to refinance or buy a home. You guys are the best Mortgage Brokers that anyone can trust.

- Susan Nocon



Tyson and his associates were very helpful. I feel like they were really honest and looking out for our best interest as we sought out new refinancing options. At the end of the day, I felt like I could trust them.

- Justin kim



We got a loan just when the pandemic was beginning and it was a very difficult process and yet they made it simple on our end without any stress at all. We are saving about $1100 a month. I highly recommend revival lending to anyone looking to refi or purchase a home.

- david black



We had such an amazing experience. We knew our case would be a challenge but Revival lending made it happen! Our experience was so good when rates drop we knew we had to go back and do our refinance through them! We can’t recommend Tyson and his team enough!

- Cathy Greer