Life isn’t always cut and dry; stages in life may include unforeseen life-changing events, some for the better, some with barriers. Each need or event represents a different stage of life that requires specific solutions. Yet, there are opportunities for improvement at every stage in life, including the potential for radical transformation that will change your life and impact those around you. No matter your need or personal goals, we are here to partner with you. We see it and live it out as we bring solutions to our clients.

You can’t control unforeseen events, but you can improve how you navigate the journey and who you partner with, to ensure incredible outcomes. You have plans, desires, goals, and dreams that require resources —let’s do this!

Imagine the Potential

The Seeker is ready to make the changes necessary to improve their financial situation and overall well-being. Is that you? Yes! Stand for it! (Insert audience applause) Stand brave, strong, and proud! Change, even for the sake of improvement, is hard for many. But it doesn’t have to be - especially when you have an expert certified mortgage advisor accessible to you, explaining the process and ensuring your success.

Making it Real

You’re seeking to develop a plan of action to improve your current life stage. We’re here for it! Stepping into your potential for financial freedom and growth has never been more possible. Witnessing our clients live out ambitions they never imagined is why we do what we do. Seek no further! It’s time to take action and make it real for you.

THE seeker

So, what is your greatest need?
• Cash out for personal reasons?
• What about those home improvement projects you dream about?
• Perhaps you just want to lower your monthly mortgage payment?
• You may be looking for cash to buy a second home or investment property?
• You may need cash out to pay off debts and relive the burden of that additional stress?


Are there one or more goals you’re ready to accomplish? You don’t need to do this alone! At Revival Lending, we break it down so you can see the big picture. We layout where you are today and show you how easy it is to make your goals a reality! We don’t stop there! We’re not about a one-time transaction; we’re here to help you grow for a lifetime. Financial freedom comes from wise choices that grow exponentially. Our mortgage experts will seek to understand where you’ve been and where you want to go. We’re about progressing your future forward.

Imagine how good it will feel when you step into your new or renovated home. Imagine your debts paid and the weight of anxiety lifted. Imagine breathing more profoundly and finally feeling some peace! That’s what financial freedom is all about! Yes! It’s why we do what we do! At Revival Lending, we bring Revival to your finances and your life!

Imagine feeling empowered, educated, and completely ready to embark on your path to financial freedom. That is how your Lender should make you feel; that is our priority at Revival Lending. We look out for your best interests. It’s not about a one-time transaction but a lifetime relationship.

Call Revival Lending to partner with you and get the process started. You’ll feel the satisfaction that comes from being in control again. Our Certified Mortgage Advisors aren’t limited to loan programs, so you’re not limited either. We will partner with you and listen, yes, listen to understand the details of what you are looking to accomplish. From there, alongside you, we’ll develop a plan that provides the best loan program that accomplishes your goals.

When Goals Become a Reality

Your Next Step

It's all about YOU!

The Seeker

"We believe everyone should have access to financial solutions specific to their needs."

Robert Velarde

VP of Operations


From the first phone call to the last interaction I had nothing but pleasant experiences. I got quick responses to my emails and phone calls. They have great customer service, they are very personable. Our case was some what complicated. With Tyson's help we ended up with a great rate and everything went very smooth. I definitely recommend Revival Lending.

- Sandra Ponce



Working with Revival Lending Team was a blessing. After speaking with Tyson and Jaeden about our concerns we trusted them with our refi. Very professional, knowledgeable and great customer service. Our loan was closed 2 days ahead of schedule date. They exceeded our expectations of them. Thank you so much Revival Lending for your help. My husband Hector and me highly recommend them to anyone seeking to refinance or buy a home. You guys are the best Mortgage Brokers that anyone can trust.

- Susan Nocon



Tyson and his associates were very helpful. I feel like they were really honest and looking out for our best interest as we sought out new refinancing options. At the end of the day, I felt like I could trust them.

- Justin kim



We got a loan just when the pandemic was beginning and it was a very difficult process and yet they made it simple on our end without any stress at all. We are saving about $1100 a month. I highly recommend revival lending to anyone looking to refi or purchase a home.

- david black



We had such an amazing experience. We knew our case would be a challenge but Revival lending made it happen! Our experience was so good when rates drop we knew we had to go back and do our refinance through them! We can’t recommend Tyson and his team enough!

- Cathy Greer