So if you:
• Are a first time home buyer with questions.
• Just got married and looking to buy a home together.
• Have a child on the way and need more space.
• Have paid rent for years and want to invest rather than rent.
• Want to update your home without the requirement to ask the landlord for permission.


Many of our clients daydream about what it would be like. What will the house look like? How will you decorate it? What colors will you paint the walls? What style of furniture should you consider? Envision yourself in your home with your family and friends. Think about the memories, the dinner parties, birthdays, important moments and celebrations of those you love. Imagine the sense of security and pride you’ll feel owning your own home! It’s an exciting journey.

All these things are part of the home buying experience. It is possible for you!

We’ve helped hundreds of clients realize their dreams of homeownership and financial freedom! Now, imagine yourself in your new house enjoying all the benefits! 

Imagine The Possibilities

The dream of owning your first home or investing in real estate is within your reach! Many don’t take the next step to learn that investing in their real estate dreams is not as complicated as they thought. It's time for your dream to become a reality.


When looking to fulfill the dream of homeownership, it’s essential to find a Lender who will explain the process, provide answers to your questions and make your dream a reality. Revival Lending is that Company! Our Full Service Mortgage Brokers will provide you with a road map of the purchase process customized to your specific needs.

Jumping into an industry you know nothing about is intimidating, especially if it’s tied to one of your most significant investments. We get it! And for that reason, we demystify the whole loan process, so you’re not left questioning every step. It’s something you may experience with other lenders, but not with us.

We believe educating first-time homebuyers or new investors is a priority; it sets us apart. We’ll explain every step from beginning to end. We’ll educate you on terminology, every aspect of the loan application, market conditions, documentation, loan signing, and funding! You Are Clear To Close will be a dream come true! We believe a custom-tailored experience is the ONLY option.

Imagine feeling empowered, educated, and completely ready to embark upon the process of seeing homes and making offers with confidence. That is how your Lender should make you feel; that is our priority at Revival Lending.

Your Next Step to Homeownership

Educating you Throughout

It's all about YOU!

The dreamer

"We believe everyone should have the ability to make memories and enjoy the benefits of home ownership ."

Jaeden Kolb

Owner, Revival Lending


From the first phone call to the last interaction I had nothing but pleasant experiences. I got quick responses to my emails and phone calls. They have great customer service, they are very personable. Our case was some what complicated. With Tyson's help we ended up with a great rate and everything went very smooth. I definitely recommend Revival Lending.

- Sandra Ponce



Working with Revival Lending Team was a blessing. After speaking with Tyson and Jaeden about our concerns we trusted them with our refi. Very professional, knowledgeable and great customer service. Our loan was closed 2 days ahead of schedule date. They exceeded our expectations of them. Thank you so much Revival Lending for your help. My husband Hector and me highly recommend them to anyone seeking to refinance or buy a home. You guys are the best Mortgage Brokers that anyone can trust.

- Susan Nocon



Tyson and his associates were very helpful. I feel like they were really honest and looking out for our best interest as we sought out new refinancing options. At the end of the day, I felt like I could trust them.

- Justin kim



We got a loan just when the pandemic was beginning and it was a very difficult process and yet they made it simple on our end without any stress at all. We are saving about $1100 a month. I highly recommend revival lending to anyone looking to refi or purchase a home.

- david black



We had such an amazing experience. We knew our case would be a challenge but Revival lending made it happen! Our experience was so good when rates drop we knew we had to go back and do our refinance through them! We can’t recommend Tyson and his team enough!

- Cathy Greer