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Hourglass showing dollars as sand depicting The Cost of Waiting Out The Housing Market
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The Cost of Waiting Out The Housing Market

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The current housing market can be tough on both you, the real estate agent, and your buyers. Rising home prices and multiple bids will often discourage even the most avid buyer. That said, what is the cost of waiting out the housing market? In my conversations with my clients, I hear two main concerns: They worry […]

Breaking news banner showing Zillow exits home-flipping business
Last week, the home mortgage industry was shocked with the announcement “Zillow Exiting Its Home-Flipping Division“. This decision resulted in a reduction of 25% of Zillow’s staff. This is a sudden about-face exit from the housing market from
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Your Dream Home Loan title with residential homes in background
Mortgage rates are low and you are ready to refinance. What if I told you that sometimes the best mortgage you can get is the one you already have? If you are not asking the right questions and working with
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